9 Best Make Out Spots In New Zealand

“I wasn’t admiring the freckles on your skin,
I was stargazing.
& when I said I wanted to make love to you,
I meant all of you.
& when you felt my fingers tracing poetry over parts of you
that were supposedly broken,
Know that all I saw were prisms, refracted light,
& everything I wanted to make mine.”
– Amanda Torroni

H ow about spending time with you better half in a picturesque place? Love the idea? If yes, then you don’t want to miss these awesomely romantic places in New Zealand that’ll kindle the flames of love the moment you set your eyes on them.


The Coramandel peninsula is blessed with loads of scenic beauty-the pristine waters of the beaches, lush greenery of the forests that’ll give you an aesthetically beautiful experience. Who wouldn’t want a romantic walk from the north end of Hahei Beach to Cathedral Cove, famous for its natural cathedral-like archs that awaits the love birds.


Ring any bells? Yes! Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III refers to this lake many a times, and also uses it to verify his wife’s identity! Gives enough reasons to go chill out in the vicinity of this exotic lake. The lake’s vast stretch of blue waters, with lofty and haughty yet spectacular mountains in the backdrop will serve as one of the best romantic settings you’ll ever find. The picturesque town of Queenstown is equally a stunning place to be with your loved one.


If you feel exhausted after the day’s adventures, what better place to relax with your partner that provides you with a natural Jacuzzi! With its private hot pools and couple spas, the place ensures you have a romantic experience altogether. Also don’t forget to check out the Waipara Vineyard and Olive groves. There’s always romance when there’s vineyard!


Located just south of the Hanmer springs, is the beautiful city of Christchurch. Head over to the Port Hills if you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city with your partner. If you are up for a romantic walk, shoot off to Victoria Park.


Raglan is just 45 minutes from Hamilton. This small beach-side town on New Zealand’s west coast is a wild and rugged getaway who likes to mix their romance with nature. Its exquisite beaches will provide the exact romantic set up that you need to woo your love. Raglan is popular with the surfers but that doesn’t lessen the tranquil and peaceful romantic effect it has on you.


For an intimate experience with wine tasting with a lot of privacy, you can consider the Waiheke Island Wine Tours. After a short and sweet ferry ride gracefully across the sparkling waters of the Hauraki Gulf, you both can enjoy a scenic tour of the island and the ‘sweet nothings’ in luxury.


Want to get closer to the sublime? Then, Mount Cook is the perfect place for you, love-birds! Situated at the foot of the highest mountain of New Zealand is the Mount Cook village, which is a tiny village which becomes a cosy place to capture the glimpse spectacular mountains. Best place for a first date if you are an adventurous lot!


Known as the world’s fastest moving glacier. This cold wall of ice is situated north of Mount Cook. This breath-taking sight will help you fall in love all over again. You can definitely heat it up with your cold embrace!


Are you an adventure loving couple? Arthur Pass is your place, then! This amazing place is set in the heart of Southern Alps and connects the west coast to Canterbury. It’s adventurous and romantic path will guide you through the spectacular creeks and rivers, during your adventure and romance filled journey, you can take a glimpse of Kea, New Zealand’s own alpine parrot.

Spending your precious time with your beloved is something you won’t regret. So why not make the whole moment a memorable one that takes you closer to your partner and the majestic yet docile nature itself! So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and your partner’s hand and scoot of to New Zealand!