Get Prepared For Cruise


What’s Included In My Cruise Fare?

Just about everything – your accommodation, meals in designated outlets, entertainment and many on-board activities are all part of the fare.

What’s Not Included In My Cruise Fare?

Optional shore excursions, alternative dining, selected shows / entertainment, items of personal nature such as beverages, telephone calls, facsimile or e-mail services, shop purchases, laundry, beauty treatment, hairdressing and massage services, medical services, port charges, fuel charges, insurance, government taxes and fees are not included in the fare.

Passage Restrictions

Passage for a pregnant woman will only be permitted before her 24th week of pregnancy at the time of sailing. Children aged 6 months or less at the commencement of the cruise will be refused permission to board the cruise ship.


At the current time, no vaccinations are compulsory for any Star Cruises destination. However, guests may wish to consult their doctor to make sure their immunization records are up-to-date or if any further vaccinations are required in those countries that are in their cruise itinerary.


Smart casual attire is suitable for most occasions. For your dining pleasure as well as for other guests, elegant casual attire is required during dinner at fine dining restaurants such as Bella Vista onboard SuperStar Virgo. However, a lounge suit or jacket and tie for men, and an evening dress for ladies, are recommended on gala nights.


Most foreign currencies are accepted onboard at prevailing exchange rates. The onboard currency will be that of the country where the ship is based (e.g. Singapore dollars for cruises out of Singapore, Hong Kong dollars for cruises out of Hong Kong). Most major credit cards (Visa / Master / CUP / JCB / Amex / Diners) are accepted, along with travellers cheques, but not personal cheques.

Physically Challenged Guests

Most areas onboard the vessels are accessible to the physically challenged. There are also cabins for the physically challenged, with wider doorways and larger bathrooms with grab bars and folding shower seats. The ship also provides wheelchairs for emergency purposes.with travellers cheques, but not personal cheques.


For your comfort and convenience, we recommend that each guest take no more than one suitcase and one hand baggage. These must fit comfortably in your cabin as no baggage will be stored in the ship’s hold. Your total baggage weight should not be more than 30kg. 

Check-in baggage will be delivered to the respective cabins no later than 60 minutes after sailing. Guests who do not receive the luggage by this time may contact the Concierge onboard.


Arrival at the check in area

Upon arrival at the check-in area ,please present your Confirmation Slip to the staff present and proceed to one of the color coded carpets that correspond to the following:

Yellow for Admiral Class, red for Balcony Class* and blue for World Cruisers.

If you’re an Admiral Class guest, our Guest Services Co-ordinator will meet and assist you with the check-in.

For Balcony Class* guests, it is best that you check in together with your family, relatives and friends if everyone is cruising on Balcony Class to enjoy priority embarkation.

Please note that if you are booked on Balcony Class* while your family, relatives and friends are sailing as World Cruisers, it is not possible to check-in on their behalf and neither will they enjoy priority check-in or boarding.

As there may be a large number of World Cruiser guests checking in it is advised that only one person check in on behalf of the rest of the group but please ensure that you have all their passports and proper travel documents ready.

*Note : Balcony Class is available on SuperStar Virgo & SuperStar Aquarius only.

Waiting to check-in

While waiting to check-in our staff will check your passport for validity and visas (if required) as a pre-check-in procedure to expedite the check-in process.

Please present your passport / government photo ID and Confirmation Slip at the counter where you will be given an Access Card. Your Access Card is important as it serves as a boarding pass, cabin key and charge card onboard. Upon receipt of your Access Card, you should sign it immediately like any credit card.

Admiral Class, Balcony Class and World Cruiser guests will receive Yellow, Red and Blue Access Cards respectively.

Have the relevant immigration forms completed together with your passport during check-in.

For your comfort and convenience, we recommend that each guest take no more than one suitcase and one hand baggage. These must fit comfortably in your cabin as no baggage will be stored in the ship’s hold. Your total baggage weight should not be more than 30kg.

Check-in baggage will be delivered to the respective cabins no later than 60 minutes after sailing. Guests who do not receive the luggage by this time may contact the Concierge on-board.


Guests will need to pass through security screening and present their Access card prior to boarding.

Those cruising with children may hold their Access Cards on their behalf.

As embarkation procedures may change and vary from port to port please follow the directions of the crew and signage to embark the ship. boarding.gif
Upon entering the ship please hand your Access Card to the crew to ‘swipe’ and ‘encode’ your cabin details and record your presence onboard.

Please do not walk through without ‘encoding’ as you will not be able to gain access to your cabin.

Remember to swipe your access card whenever you leave or enter the ship.


Cashless System

Your Access Card functions as a charge card and stateroom key onboard our vessels.

You will be able to use this card onboard when you patronise any of our food and beverage and service outlets as cash is not accepted in any of our outlets.

Please ensure that you sign your name at the back of the card as a verification for us and present it to our Service crew when you want to settle your bill.

There is an initial credit limit for your Access Card which may be increased by presenting your credit card for verification at the Reception.

Major credit cards (Visa / Master / JCB / Amex / Diners) are accepted with a specified floor limit.

Children’s Credit Barring

Should you wish to limit or bar the use of your children’s Access Cards for purchases, please have them re-encoded at the Reception.

Otherwise, your children may sign for any facilities or purchases and you will be liable for those charges.

Access Card Loss

Please report the loss of your Access Card immediately to the Reception where a new one will be issued and the former invalidated.

This will prevent any liability for charges incurred on the lost card.


Disembarking During Your Cruise

There may instances where you would need to be complete certain documentation and bring along your passport to enable you to disembark at some ports of call. We will hand out these documents as necessary. If you encounter any difficulty in filling in the forms, our crew will be happy to assist you.

Bill Settlement / Star Express Check Out

We suggest settling your account the night before or at least three hours prior to disembarkation

Alternatively, you may opt for the “Star Express Check-out” by completing the necessary forms and handing them to the Reception during the cruise for itemized billing to be sent to the cabin.
Cruisers are encouraged to use this facility for a hassle free disembarkation.

Passport Collection

You may collect your passport presenting your Access Card / government photo identity card.

If you want to collect passports on behalf of your family and friends, you need to have their Access Cards. Children who have their own passport or identification document and who cannot sign must be accompanied by their guardian / parents.

Details of collection time and venue will be printed in the Star Navigator found in every cabin or at the Reception. Please refer for details.

Baggage Assistance

Should you require assistance to unload your baggage from the ship, please leave your baggage with name clearly written on the luggage tag outside your cabin door as advised in the disembarkation notice which will be placed in your cabin.

Your luggage will be collected and delivered to the luggage collection area of the respective port of disembarkation.

It’s time to say goodbye and we hope you enjoyed your cruise. To make your disembarkation as smooth as possible , guests will be ushered out in staggered groups. Please gather at your designated waiting area to await your turn to disembark.